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List of Community Service Programs that are underway

Community Service Committee (CSC)

Mission: To collectively work towards betterment of the Greater Dayton community.

Core Committee Members:

Dr. Alok Agrawal
Dr. Soma Avva
Dr. Annadorai Kalahasthy
Dr. Chethana Raghupathy
Mrs. Anjali Balwally
Mr. Ram Nunna
Mrs. Reena Goyal

Core Advisors:
Dr. Ashok Ammula
Dr. Amit Bansal
Mrs. Benu Kulkarni
Mrs. Maya Loganathan

• COVID crisis relief activities: takes priority in the year 2020
1. Procurement of PPE to our members and community at large, donate PPE to local healthcare facilities
2. Food for The Journey Project – providing food every week to the Indigent since 3/2020
3. Help support educational needs in our school districts
• Supporting our Veterans
• Helping Children in Need – Hannah’s Treasure Chest
• House of Bread Volunteering
• Create a team of Youth & Adult volunteers
• Observe Health Care Days during the year (work with Health Care Committee)
• Support Poker Walk to promote healthy lifestyle in Veterans
• Collaborate for Holi color 5 K Walk/Run annually on 2nd Saturday in May.
• Miscellaneous

Health Care Committee (HCC)

Mission: To promote general health care in our Dayton community.

Committee Members:
Dr. Vipul Patel – Chair
Dr. Dharmesh Gandhi
Dr. Rupa Fritz
Dr. Sangeeta Agarwal
Dr. Manish Sheth
Dr. Aliya Khan
Dr. Amulya Belagavi
Dr. Lakshmi Sadhu
Dr. Naveen Thota
Mr. Hiten A. Patel

Mvapi HCC activities:

  1. Conduct monthly Zoom education seminars celebrating healthcare observances that raise awareness for a variety of healthcare conditions. 
  2. Monthly Yoga series in collaboration with UTSAHI foundation as part of mvapi’s better living series 
  3. Meditate for the heart-Weekly meditation series every Wednesday in collaboration with Heartfulness
  4. Bollywood workout in collaboration with Mamatha Gudimalla as part of Mvapi’s living betterment series

Mentorship Committee (MSC)

Mission: To assist new and not-so-new physicians in building successful careers.

Committee Members:

Dr. Shachi Rattan – Chairman
Dr. Sarath Kalvakota
Dr. Ratna Palakodeti
Dr. Indu Rao
Dr. Deepak Sarwal
Dr. Mahendra Patel

The program inspires and increases the prospects for entering a suitable occupation, the means of improving their optics, navigate through the complexities of contracts, attain higher job satisfaction and see through the intricacies of the structure of the organization one is intending to enter.
The committee members are community leaders with many years of experience in various fields and come from varied practice back grounds. They like to foster and sustain a deep and candid exchange of their experiences, practical knowledge of different practices and the practice environments.

Activities: To facilitate an open and honest dialogue between the committee members and the candidates which can be instrumental in setting realistic goals, defining their trajectory and learning how to overcome barriers by adopting successful strategies.
In other words, the committee can provide the future practicing physicians a telescope to see beyond what they can see now.

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